Hurricane Preparation

Hurricane Preparation: Prevent and minimize damageStay connected and updatedHurricane Preparation

Listen to NOAA Weather Radio and local radio and television news to monitor for severe weather updates and warnings. Sign up to receive text and email alerts from your county’s social media tools. View the Maryland Emergency Management Agency’s live Osprey Emergency Management Map to track weather watches and warnings. Follow MDE’s twitter feed @MDEnvironment.

Secure your family

Keep your loved ones close and have a plan of action if the unforeseeable happens.  A well thought out hurricane preparation plan will include a designated meeting place in the event cell and phone service is lost.

Prepare your home

Clean your gutters and check downspout drains, areaway drains and yard drains.  If your downspouts are discharging directly next to your foundation try to extend them (even if this is temporary).  Routing water away from your home can reduce the risk of basement flooding.  Consider installing permanent drainage in the future.

Secure yard items or relocate them indoors to prevent damage from high winds.  Items such as lawn furniture, grills, and bird feeders can become airborne and damage your home.  If you have a yard gnome move the little guy indoors!

Know the location of main water, power and fuel shutoffs. In an emergency you might not have power (light) to locate these items.  Knowing ahead of time could save valuable time.

Move items off the floor in your basement.  If you do end up with a flooded basement taking the time to relocate belongings  prior to the storm can ease the pain of cleanup and reduce property damages.