Mold Testing

Why Hire Me to Perform Your Mold TestingMold Testing and Radon Testing

Training… As a Certified Professional Home Inspector I am trained to detect the conditions that are conducive to mold growth. Water leaks, wet foundations, roof leaks, and plumbing problems are all commonly associated with mold growth and routinely found during my inspections.

Unbiased Inspections… Because I do not offer mold remediation or removal services you are guaranteed a impartial inspection with no conflict of interest.

Certification… If you suspect you have a problem in the home, or you’re experiencing respiratory problems, this could be an indication of poor indoor air quality such as mold growth. As a certified indoor air consultant, I can help determine the amount of mold in the home compared to an outside sample on any given day.

Types of Mold Testing & Inspection

Targeted… mold testing and inspections focus on a specific areas rather than the entire building.  A targeted, or limited mold inspection is typically performed when specific areas of concern have already been identified. A limited mold inspection will be performed only on those specific areas.  This type of inspection is suitable in most situations and is more affordable then a complete mold inspection.

Limited mold testing and inspections start at $285 and include 3 air samples. More air samples may be recommended depending on the condition and size of the home. Additional samples are $60 each. The price includes laboratory analysis and recommendations when appropriate.

Complete… mold testing and inspections are similar to a full home inspection.  A full visual examination of the home and systems will be performed. Temperature and mold samples will be gathered.

A full report including laboratory analysis of all mold samplings, any noted moisture intrusion, water damage, musty odors, apparent mold growth, or conditions conducive to mold growth will be provided. Call for pricing.

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