Radon Testing

Radon TestingFullScale Home Inspection is a IAC2 certified radon tester.  Your radon test will be conducted using state of the art continuous radon monitoring equipment.  Test results are available the same day testing has concluded.

  • Your test is conducted using state of the art continuous gas monitoring device.
  • Your radon test will take 48 to 60 hours, depending on house conditions.
  • Your report will be available the same day the device is picked up.
  • Your report will feature a graph showing the results on an hourly basis.
  • Save on Radon Testing when shcheduled with a home inspection.

Radon testing is vital to your family’s safety at home.

Radon is present outdoors and indoors. It is normally found at very low levels in outdoor air and in drinking water. It can be found at higher levels inside your home and other buildings, as well as in water from underground sources, such as well water.

Radon testing is the only way to know your level of exposure.

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer. You can’t see or smell radon, it is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas. Radon forms naturally from the decay of radioactive elements, such as uranium, which are found in soil and rock throughout Maryland and the United States.  Radon gas in the soil and rock can move into the air we breath.

Radon breaks down into solid radioactive elements that can attach to dust and other airborne particles and can be inhaled into the lungs.  As the radioactive elements break down, they give off radiation that can damage the DNA inside the body’s cells.

Your home can trap radon gas inside.

Any home can have a radon problem, including new and old homes, well-sealed and drafty homes, and homes with or without basements. In fact, you and your family are most likely to get your greatest radiation exposure at home, where you spend most of your time.

One out of every 15 homes in the United States is estimated to have an elevated radon level (4 pCi/L) or more. Elevated levels of radon gas have been found in homes in your state. For more information about radon and radon testing visit the EPA’s radon fact page.

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