Investment Property Inspection

Your Vision

With a vision for your planned improvements and a trained eye for remodeling, my investment property inspection will help identify major concerns before you risk your hard-earned cash.

Investment Focused

Together we will focus on the investment property in front of us, eliminating the emotion, while capitalizing on my years of experience as a remodeling contractor and custom home builder.  An objective third-party view you can trust.

Investment Consultation

Low-cost, and specifically tailored for property investors, investment property consultations are a walk-and-talk investigation of the subject property.

You, the investor, walk the property with me as we look over the major systems of the home, discussing any issues we may find.

You’re encouraged to take notes and pictures during the walk-through.

During the consultation, we can discuss your planned improvements,  identify structural components, such as load-bearing walls, and review the overall condition of the property.

Investment consultations are 90 minutes long and cost $250.

No written report will be generated for investment consultations.

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Investment Property Inspection

The Investment Property Inspection is a comprehensive inspection with a written report.

Similar to a home inspection the investment property inspection covers all major systems in the home.  We will walk the property, take pictures and provide a written report.

You can choose to be at the inspection or let my trained eyes be your guide.

Pricing is based on the level of inspection and square footage.  For example, you may choose not to have the appliances inspected, or maybe you plan to replace the HVAC system and choose not to inspect that system.

The price will be adjusted accordingly based on your inspection requirements.

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