Working Together to Stop COVID -19

Covid -19

With ongoing concerns about COVID -19, I have updated my inspection procedures to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved in the inspection process and the greater community.

Home inspections will continue to be scheduled and performed under the following conditions:

  1. I will perform the inspection ALONE. No other people will be allowed in the home during the inspection. After the inspection I can review my findings with clients and/or agents over the phone. As usual, I am happy to schedule a call to go over the report once it is received.
  2. Agents, if you need to provide access to the home I ask that you provide a code to enter the home. If you must attend or be on site to unlock the property I ask that you remain outside.
  3. If I am scheduled to inspect a home where the occupant is currently sick, has recently been sick, is at high risk, or refuses to vacate the home during the inspection, I will not be able to perform the inspection. We can reschedule the inspection for a more convenient date.

Performing the inspection alone allows me to focus my attention solely on your inspection while maintaining everyone’s safety and well-being. Because my inspection process and subsequent report is very detailed, these updated policies should in no way affect the quality of your inspection.

We all need to work together to stem the tide of covid -19. I appreciate your cooperation and consideration during this unprecedented time.

Thank you,
Kelly R, Regan
FullScale Home Inspection